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The College of Computer Science and Technology, Nanjing Forestry University was established in 1999. By the time of 2008, the departments of the college were reorganized. The department of Electronic Engineering and Automation, which used to belong to the college of Timber Industry, were added to the college of Information science and technology.  The college now has five undergraduate majors: Computer Science and Technology, Software Engineering, Electronic Information Engineering, Electrical Engineering and automation, Internet of Things Engineering. There two academic first-grade discipline master degree programs of Electronic Science and Technology, Software Engineering and an academic second-grade discipline mater degree program of Control Theory and Control Engineering, and two professional master degree programs of Instrument and Meter Engineering, Agricultural Informatization.In 2011, the Computer Science and Technology major was recognized as an experimental specialty of software engineering. Then in 2012, the major was also recognized as an experimental specialty to cultivate excellent engineer. Two majors, software engineering and internet of things, were chosen by Jiangsu Provincial Education Department to be included in the software outsourcing engineer training program in 2014 and 2015.
  At present, there are 79 people in our faculty, which consists of five full-time professors, one distinguished professor, two industry professors, three part-time professors, 26 associate professors, 22 Ph.D. and master supervisors. 36% of our full-time teachers received doctor degree, 91% got master degree. More than half of them has senior professional title. In recent years, the teachers of the college have hosted and joined 12 projects of Chinese National Natural Science Foundation and 25 projects of Provincial and ministerial level. They also hosted a series of crossing research projects. We received 9 Provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological progress awards, 3 Jiangsu Province outstanding teaching achievement awards. Two courses were awarded as provincial excellent course. More than 200 high level papers have been published. And there are more than 10 monographs and textbooks have been published.
  The total area of the college laboratory covers more than 6400 square meters. We also own equipment, which worth 675,000 YUAN, more than 25,000 professional books, 2 graduate workstations and more than 20 off campus practice bases. Abundant teaching resources and excellent experimental conditions have laid a solid foundation for teachers' teaching, scientific research and students' training. At the same time, the college attaches great importance to the academic exchange and cooperation.We have built a good personnel exchanges and technical cooperation relationships with many foreign universities in Japan, the United States, British and Canada.Many foreign experts and scholars has come to visit our college and gave lectures. We also sent our teachers to go visit and study in some colleges abroad.Since 2011, we launch a joint education program "3+1+1" with the University of Dundee in British, which let excellent students in 3th year in our college have a chance to go to the college of computing in University of Dundee for one year of academic exchange. And after this one year’s study, they can continue their master’s courses in UK for a postgraduate’s degree.

  The college now have about 1000 full-time undergraduate, more 240 graduate. College attaches great importance to the cultivation of students' innovative ability. The students of the college have Participated in many contests and received awards, such as the ACM International University Students' programming contest, National Undergraduate Electronic Contest, national college students Challenge Cup competition, Jiangsu province college students' programming contest. The college has cultivated many good engineers for the talent market.Some of the graduates are working in companies abroad like the headquarters of Microsoft, Seattle and companies in Silicon Valley, the United States. Some working in domestic leading tech companies like ZTE, HUAWEI, Tencent and so on. Some of them are working in institutions and colleges. Some students choose to continue their studies, they are now studying in Fudan University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Nanjing University and other well-known institutions. Some other students went to other countries, like the United States, British, Canada, Denmark and Hong Kong, to continue their study.